Les diamants


Les diamants

Interactive work

Francis Laporte and Alexis Laurence of Perséides studio have been named the competition’s winners for their proposed project Les Diamants, composed of three large rotating and sparkling structures that will light up public spaces day and night. The interactive installation will tour the province starting this summer with plans to visit five cities and boroughs in Quebec.  

Les Diamants is an interactive work composed of three colourful, luminous structures that activate and “come alive” when spun like gigantic tops. In the daytime, the many rods with their ultra-shiny finish reflect the ambient light; at night, they light up in a whirl of glittering dots and lines. Each module delivers a distinct musical ambiance featuring an original melody, composed by Stefie Shock, that speeds up or slows down depending on the speed of rotation. When several people work together to get each structure turning, the work creates a harmonious dance of light and music that is a treat for the eyes and ears. “Les Diamants was born of Alexis’ and my desire to combine our expertise and undertake a joint unifying project during the pandemic. We want to encourage people to get out, come together and reoccupy our public spaces. Our goal is to create a moment of poetry between participants and for the work to bring joy and entertainment to the citizens of the Quebec cities hosting the installation,” said Francis Laporte, Co-Creator, of Perséides studio.


Design and production : Alexis Laurence et Francis Laporte

Manufacturing and mechanical design: Jack World inc.

Musical composition: Stefie Shock

Sound system: Jean-Michel Caron

Expertise and interactive and technological programming: Studio La Fougue

DEL specialist and integration: Softbox Intégration

Mechanical and electrical design consultant: Pierre Masse

Production advisor: Amélie Richard