International competition : interactive architectural mapping

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Thomas Ouellet Fredericks - La légèreté de l’être

Thomas Ouellet Fredericks - La légèreté de l’être


La légèreté de l’être

A fun interactive video installation in which users jump to free their reflection so it can fly into the “sky” and join images of previous users. Inspired by Jean Mercier’s murals in the Acadie metro station, the installation records and projects each visitor’s movements to create a mural in motion.

Thomas Ouellet Fredericks

A precursor of the “slasher” generation, Thomas Ouellet Fredericks is an artist, teacher, e-learning project manager, consultant, open-source developer and technical designer for interactive projects.

Hub studio - MurMur

Hub studio -  MurMur



Who just landed on the wall beside the Saint-Laurent metro station? A giant? A monster? Or maybe something else…? MurMur is an interactive installation that creates a relationship between passersby of all ages and an endearing cartoonish character. He travels from one city to the next, exploring the world. First stop, Montreal!

Come talk to him and then follow his travels on Instagram @murmur.mtl

HUB Studio

HUB is a creative studio specializing in the design of multimedia experiences at the intersection of art, design and technology. The studio uses creative technology to bring audiences together around meaningful, high-impact moments. The stories HUB brings to life draw on several disciplines, including video projection, interactive technology, light design, texture mapping, video content and immersive environments. With its expert team of artists, designers and professionals, HUB turns ideas into reality using a simple, fluid and unifying process.