Creative challenge: data visualization for public spaces


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During the I.A.rt colloquium, four finalists presented proposals for sound-and-light based art installations using datasets from the BIXI bike-sharing network and the city’s public transportation service, the Société de transport de Montréal. The challenge was hosted by the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership and Illuminart. HUB Studio and Civilia were awarded a commission with a production envelope of up to $75,000 for the creation of an installation to be presented during Illuminart 2019.



INFLUX - HUB Studio in collaboration with Civilia

Sculpture lumineuse

Influx is a sculpture created from the data visualization of the BIXI network. From busier neighborhoods such as Ville-Marie to more residential areas such as Ahuntsic and Parc-Extension, it is the number of bike trips over the course of a year that generated the unique shape of the installation. The highest junctions of the sculpture correspond to Montreal neighborhoods where BIXI stations are the most sought after, while the lowest points represent areas where BIXI bicycles are the least used. Each bright pixel represents the path of a user in that network. The animation of the sculpture allows you to visualize in an accelerated way the movements of Montrealers. Influx is a work of art that reflects the pulse of the city through its arteries that citizens make vibrate by their movements.

«Influx», Hub et Civilia, par Jeremy Fassio, Antonin Gougeon, Thomas Payette, Xavier Prudent. from Quartier des spectacles on Vimeo.


Design: HUB Studio

Data analysis: Civilia

Structure: Guillaume Simard

Technology: Robocut + HUB

Engineering : latéral Conseil

Painting : Véronique Pagnoux

HUB Studio

HUB is a creative studio specialized in designing and producing multimedia experiences. At the crossroads between art, design and innovation, we use creative technologies to tell stories on stage and in the public space. The studio distinguishes itself by a strong artistic, multidisciplinary as well as theatrical approach transmitted through each one of its projects and concepts. HUB seeks to move and amaze the public, using technology as a creative and meaningful tool. The HUB team has mastered several mediums: from video projections to interactive technologies, light, architectural mapping, installations and immersive environments. Founded in 2015 by Thomas Payette and Gonzalo Soldi, HUB has since then collaborated with clients and renowned creators such as Robert Lepage (Ex Machina), Finzi Pasca, Cirque Éloize, Montréal Danse, NFB, Montréal en Histoires, les Ballet Jazz de Montréal, Cossette, Bombardier or the City of Montreal. HUB also creates and produces its own public artworks