In compliance with updated directives from the government of Quebec, theatres, museums, movie theatres, libraries, restaurants and bars everywhere in Montreal are closed until February 8, 2021, inclusively.

While we wait to meet again, we hope you will make culture an important part of your life with the many activities available online.


  • Every day from 11:30 a.m to 6:30 p.m

Voices of the Quartier des spectacles

Voices of the Quartier des Spectacles is a window on the people and places that make Montreal’s cultural heart beat. From festivals to performance venues, from restaurants to avant-garde art. Every week, you’re invited to discover the city’s liveliest square kilometre!

The Quartier is THE place to be this summer!

  • 31
  • July
  • 2020

Come spend some time in the Quartier to see what the refresh is all about. Here’s a suggested east-to-west stroll, perfect for a solo jaunt or an outing with your bubble-mates. (Reading time : 5 min.)


Your 11 Montreal summer soundtrack

  • 1
  • July
  • 2020

Since you can’t go to your favourite summer festivals this year, why not turn your backyard or living room into a mini-Place des Festivals or a pocket-sized concert hall? Here are 11 playlists to fill your home with the sweet sounds of a Montreal summer. (Reading time: 2 min.)