6 Tips for Perfect Festival Outings with the Whole Family

July 13, 2023

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The summer season is in full swing with MONTRÉAL COMPLÉMENT CiRQUE, Just for Laughs, Zoofest and the Nuits d'Afrique festival. The Quartier des Spectacles is abuzz with events for young and old alike! As always, the festival programs are packed with a variety of exciting evening events. But if you prefer daytime activities and have children, there are plenty of opportunities for quality family time this summer at the Quartier des Spectacles.


Make sure to gather everything you’ll need for a great day out. Bring hats, sunscreen and water bottles that you can refill at several stations on the site. Don’t forget to pack some snacks for when everyone’s energy levels start to drop over the course of the afternoon. If you’re planning on spending the evening out, bring a hoodie or a blanket for the cooler night air.


Take the time to check the program before you leave the house to decide where you’re going and find out when your favourite activities are happening. This will save you a lot of time and avoid indecision and wavering later, which can lead to chaos when kids are involved. Also, take note of the quieter areas on the site for when the kids get a little hyper. Teens always appreciate some time to themselves, so agree on a rendezvous point beforehand where you’ll meet up after you’ve each done your own thing.


L'esplanade Tranquille offers you a break in a friendly setting. In the pavilion, you'll find toilets, a room with a changing table, games and books for the little ones. You can also enjoy a bite to eat in the Grand Salon or on the shaded terraces.


It’s good to have a schedule, but sometimes summer makes us want to break free! And the Quartier des Spectacles is the perfect place to go with the flow. Trust your instincts, and you just might stumble into some interesting discoveries. As you wander around, you might come upon a colourful playground or a cooling fountain. You might even catch an impromptu circus act or a surprise concert! A break from your routine can be just as good for the kids as for you.


You had your heart set on your favourite band’s early evening show? Your colleagues told you about an up-and-coming artist you need to check out? Your kids are begging you to let them meet up with their friends at the Quartier des Spectacles? Don’t overthink it! Make the most of the summer’s easygoing vibe, and don’t worry about changing or cancelling your plans if that’s where the day takes you. There’s so much to see and do at the Quartier des Spectacles this summer. Let yourself get caught up, be inspired and amazed.


Why not let your kids decide where you’ll go? They could surprise you with their suggestions! Your youngest might be drawn in by a catchy beat in the distance, leading you to an unexpected gem. And who knows, these aspiring young music lovers might end up headlining a festival one day!


Running until July 16, the MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE festival includes an exciting and varied outdoor program in the Quartier Latin. Check out Gardien du temps by Agile Talon, a show that invites young and old on an exhilarating journey through time at the Jardins Gamelin.

Until July 23, the 37th edition of the Festival International Nuits d'Afrique is hosting more than 700 artists from over 30 countries in the heart of the city. Notably, the great Cameroonian singer Valérie Ékoumé will be performing at Esplanade Tranquille on July 22. Afropop fans also won’t want to miss the performance by the legendary Ivorian creator of zoblazo Freddy Meiway and his group Zo Gang on July 23. At the Parterre du Quartier des Spectacles and Esplanade Tranquille, the Village des Nuits d’Afrique and the Children’s Village are offering a host of cultural and interactive activities for the whole family.

Finally, the 41st edition of the Just for Laughs Festival will take place from July 14 to 29. As part of the festival’s outdoor program, enjoy hypnotist Messmer’s performance on July 21 at the Place des Festivals. There will also be a special program in the family zone at the Promenade des Artistes, with notably L’heure du conte avec Barbada from, July 20 to 24, and Bill Bestiole et les créateurs du jurassique from July 20 to 27. In the evening, attend the outdoor shows presented as part of ZooFest & OFF-JFL, including performances by the television-inspired rock band Les Costauds on July 16 and 17 in front of St. James United Church.