5 tips for perfect festival outings with the whole family

August 11, 2022

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Summer is in full swing and the Quartier des Spectacles is humming with a multitude of events for festivalgoers of every stripe! As always, festival programs are packed with exciting evenings that will delight night owls. But if you prefer sunny afternoons and you have kids, don’t despair: there’s plenty of fun for you, too!


The first step is to assemble everything you need for a great day out at the festival sites! By day, hats, sunscreen and cold water – in a bottle you can refill at several different spots – are essentials. Don’t forget snacks for both kids and adults: they’re always welcome when energy levels start dropping in the afternoon. Once the sun sets, have something warm handy, like a hoodie, a scarf or even a blanket, to enjoy cool evenings outdoors.


Check the program ahead of time from the comfort of home to decide where you’re going to go and find out when your favourite activities are happening. You’ll save a lot of time and avoid excessive unscheduled time, which can lead to chaos when kids are involved. Are the little ones getting a little hyper? Take a break in one of the quieter areas. Meanwhile, teens always appreciate a little time on their own. At the start of the day, agree on a rendezvous spot where you’ll get together after you’ve each done your thing.


It’s good to have a schedule, but sometimes summer makes us want to break free! Why not set aside some free time to wander aimlessly in the Quartier des Spectacles? By heading in whatever direction your whim takes you, you and your family will make some interesting discoveries. Along the way, you might stumble upon colourful playgrounds, cooling fountains, snacks for every craving, inventive circus acts or even a surprise concert! Sometimes, a break from routine is just what you need. Let the kids enjoy the excitement of the city after dark, and savour a beer while your favourite artist performs


Do you have your heart set on your favourite band’s early evening show? Did your partner hear about an exciting young artist? Do the kids want to meet up with their friends who are also in the Quartier des Spectacles? It’s all good! Don’t overthink it – make the most of summer’s easygoing vibe. Drift from concert to concert, be amazed by a surprise event on your way, be a little late for the show you were planning to see, leave your children with their friends for an hour or two, or break away for a little while to hear a few songs by a favourite artist before rejoining the group.


What if your children turn out to be the most adventurous members of your clan? Follow their little dancing feet and fresh ears and they’ll find catchy tunes where you least expect them. Your teens will also surprise you with an unexpected take on an artist, or a pleasantly surprising idea for the evening. Who knows, maybe they’ll grow up to be dedicated music lovers or even festival headliners!