5 instagrammable spots at the Quartier des spectacles

June 4, 2021

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The warm weather is back and the curfew is over. It’s the ideal time to get some fresh air and a fresh take on the Quartier des Spectacles! We asked a few photographers who are familiar with the Quartier to tell us about some of their favourite spots. They’re sure to be a hit on your Instagram account!

Place des Festivals

Evablue (@evablue) : “The Place des Festivals is one of my favourite places. Anything can happen there! The fountains can be a work of art or a playground. The space is transformed to put on all kinds of shows, from dance to performance art. There’s always something exciting going on there!”

Arcpixel (@arcpixel) : “I like to watch people interact with the fountains at the Place des Festivals. It’s crazy how much a simple fountain that’s accessible to everyone can bring a public space to life. Water is life!”

Îlot Balmoral

Arcpixel (@arcpixel) : “Îlot Balmoral is a great, colourful design. I love how its lines meet the sky and simulate a kind of huge mirror.”

Place des arts

Ville de pluie (@villedepluie) : “I like the architecture of the exterior of Salle Wilfrid Pelletier and how it gets switched up. That’s what makes it a popular location for professional and amateur photo shoots.”

Chemin de la Reine

JF Savaria (@jfsavaria) : “I like how this little park is designed, its peaceful, kind of hidden vibe, and that this green space is in the middle of a big urban centre. It’s a beautiful place to take a break for a few minutes!”

Oasis | Prenez place !

Eric G Gagnon (@tobrook): “Oasis | Prenez place ! with its really unique, long table, pretty greenery and hundreds of sparkling lights below and above is not to be missed. It’s a magical place where you can dine on your favourite dishes from The Central’s menu and other great restaurants nearby!”

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