5 Tips for Enjoying Festivals With Your Family

June 15, 2018

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Festival season is in full swing in the Quartier des Spectacles! Most people can’t get enough of the non-stop line-up of irresistible events, but parents with young kids sometimes hesitate. There’s no reason to deprive yourself, though: festivals are great places for people of all ages!

Here are five tips for making the most of summer festivals as a family, and teaching the little ones to be model festivalgoers.


You might not always have the time to comb through festival programs or read reviews, but you can always count on your friends! Trust their recommendations, including last-minute ones. Most festival sites include facilities for children. And it’s so much more fun to dance and sing at the top of your lungs in a group. No doubt you’ll have an adventure that will become a great story you’ll all laugh about for years to come!

2. Learn about everyone’s taste

Is dad a huge fan of electronic music? Maybe junior will be one too! And what if your kids showed you something new? Let their little dancing feet and fresh ears lead you to catchy music that wasn’t on your radar. Who knows? Maybe they’ll become big-time music lovers and future festival headliners.

3. Surrender to chance

Just taking a walk through the Quartier des Spectacles in the summer is a worthwhile experience, where you’re sure to discover all kinds of new things. When the festivals are filling every public space with live music, circus or comedy, you’ll inevitably stumble on a fantastic artist you didn’t know about. Couldn’t get tickets for Pierre Lapointe? You might just find his heir apparent playing a free outdoor show. Did the kids fall asleep in your arms at the beginning of a must-see show? Are they a little hyper? Don’t turn around and go home, stick around – it’s a nice change of pace, not a whole new routine. It’s all part of the festival magic.


Check out the program ahead of time, since it’s always better to know where you’re going and when you want to be there. Are the kids all hyper? Need a little break? Familiarize yourself with the site map beforehand so you know where to find play and rest areas. With tweens and teens, agree on a place to meet after you’ve all done your own thing. Don’t rely on your phones – batteries have a habit of dying at the most inconvenient time.


It’s always wise to be prepared before stepping out, so make sure you pack all the little things you need for a fun festival outing. For daytime, don’t forget hats, sunscreen and snacks. Bring refillable water bottles to take advantage of on-site supplies. For evenings, a sweater, scarf or even a blanket can make all the difference if the weather turns a bit chilly.