February 16, 2009

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On Feburary 12th, the Société des arts technologiques (SAT) unveiled its plans for a new home, designed by Nomade architecture.

The multifunctional building will be dedicated to production, training, exhibition and broadcast for the technological arts. With 45,000 square feet of space, it will offer more room and better equipment for visiting creators and artists in residence. The building's new design from Nomade will incorporate a new work by Axel Morgenthaler, entitled "Pixiness." This creation, part of the Quartier des spectacles Lighting Plan, is like a high-tech Persian carpet, 15 by 6 metres in size, that will wrap around the Ste-Catherine Street facade and the ceiling of the entrance hall. Like typical window blinds, the slats that make up "Pixiness" can be positioned to control the play of sunlight and shadow inside the room. This high-tech skin of mirrors and LEDs will be able to display an impressionistic sheet of light to passersby and reflect the environment of the street. A complimentary work from Luc Martinez will complete the installation: a curtain of sound at the entrance of the SAT, employing a new method of precisely projecting sounds that will evolve in tandem with the luminous movement of the visual work of Axel Morgenthaler.

Other new projects will be integrated with different kinds of created spaces. La Satinoire will be an intelligent space, using glazed surfaces to enable interaction between the public and The Entity, an abstract digital personality projected onto a wall that reacts to human presence and communicates with those present. On the rooftop, a garden will be connected with a creative restaurant. The Sat[osphere], the Panoscope and the Cyclorama will be permanently installed, presenting interdisciplinary immersive works to visitors of all ages.

Construction will begin in June 2009 and conclude in the spring of 2010.