December 21, 2007

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Intégral Ruedi Baur and Intégral Jean Beaudoin have unveiled their proposal for a prototype of a distinctive and recognizable street installation, in response to a mandate issued by the Quartier des spectacles.

The central element of the proposed installation, to be deployed along the identifying axis of Saint-Catherine Street, is a series of lampposts consisting of red, conical shafts, circular LED screens and a system of projecting light onto the ground. The lampposts will support cultural and artistic signage, provide lighting along with information, and signal the presence of the Quartier des spectacles. The proposal also offers the opportunity to link the lampposts with the dynamic displays at cultural venues in order to highlight the activities of the neighbourhood.

These street furniture designs will need to be refined and confirmed before they can be integrated with the different planning projects for the area. The proposal has been sent to the City of Montreal staff that are currently examining the Special Planning Project for the Place des Arts area.

Street furniture installations serve as critical elements in establishing a unique, distinct identifying signal for the Quartier des spectacles. This design will give the neighbourhood a lively, contemporary character and facilitates the promotion of its various seasonal and permanent activities.