July 12, 2007

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"An imitation of Times Square, downtown?" wondered Le Devoir this past June 26th, reporting on the proposed installation of a giant electronic advertising sign downtown…

The signage project of the Quartier des spectacles advocates an appropriate emphasis on design and culture to integrate new communications tools. Montreal, a city of creativity and design, cannot help but to position itself as being different from other cities. That's what our project proposes and it's what our culture deserves; we believe that Montrealers will accept nothing less than an ambitious project for the inhabited, lively and cultural downtown that we envision.

The installation of the Lighting Plan Pilot Project permitted Axel Morgenthaler to undertake a five-week test of an informational screen on the façade of the TNM, made up of 1,000 LEDs. Now, Ruedi Baur and Jean Beaudoin are working to develop a plan to install street furniture and dynamic screens in the Quartier des spectacles. These proposals will be presented first to the relevant agencies of the City of Montreal, then made public once the whole project is approved.