January 24, 2007

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Without a sponsor, the Spectrum will not be part of the new retail and office building to be built by SIDEV.

If the Spectrum disappears, the Quartier des spectacles will lose not only a legendary Montreal venue after 25 years of entertainment, but an important high-capacity hall. This means that over 150 performances per year will have difficulty finding an alternate venue that can hold 1,000 spectators. According to Jacques Primeau, vice president of the Partnership, "it is a shame that Montreal and the Quartier des spectacles will lose a hall that is so emblematic of the music scene, with such a history and spirit!"

If the Spectrum falls victim to a proposal that makes economic sense, but that does not integrate the development vision proposed by the Quartier des spectacles for this part of downtown, the loss of over 100 shows will have a significant impact on the economy and the entertainment industry. The Partnership invites all who are concerned about this problem to combine their efforts, determine a viable solution and offer to meet with the promoters in order to explain the benefits of a project that would be better integrated with the vision of the Quartier des spectacles.

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