Celebrate the fall cultural season with a little OUMF!

September 6, 2011

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OUMF! has swept into Montreal's cultural landscape like an avalanche. Surprising everyone with a special program focused on emerging culture, this festival is helping the Quartier Latin node become a significant Montreal cultural niche yet again. Who said there were too many festivals in Montreal? OUMF! is proving the skeptics wrong, reminding us that we've always got room for more innovation and creativity.

By Rony Civil
"The interviews haven't let up, and I just can't believe the interest that OUMF! is getting! It's amazing!" said festival producer Nathalie Gervais, who sounded surprised by the sudden buzz around the festival. After all, OUMF! came about as the answer to a simple question: How to develop activities for the particular needs of the student clientele in the Quartier Latin?


Photo credit | Mattera Joly
"In the beginning, talking with UQAM, we thought that we would set up a kind of campus for students. But as we discussed the idea with many of our partners, the concept of a full-fledged festival started to emerge" explains Nathalie. This idea took flight in record time, thanks in large part to the cooperation of a variety of cultural institutions that demonstrated great interest in this new initiative. "The response to OUMF! was very positive. Our partners loved the idea of a new showcase focusing on emerging culture."

OUMF! has succeeded so quickly because it has brought together collaborators like the BAnQ, the NFB and the Cinémathèque québécoise, not to mention heavy hitters like Piknic Electronik and M for Montreal that even became part of the programming. "Honestly, we really do have something for everyone!", Nathalie rejoices.

OUMF! has come just in time for the start of the fall cultural season, and offers a refreshing way to enjoy the waning days of summer. What's more, the festival offers a broad range of programs that include music, literature, knowledge, cinema and visual arts. Like Nathalie Gervais said so well, come and put some OUMF! in your September!

OUMF! takes place from September 1st to September 10th.

To see the entire programming, visit this website.