New streetlights for new public spaces

March 8, 2011

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Starting this autumn, two unique new streetlight designs will gradually be installed in the Place des Arts node of the Quartier des spectacles, around the place des Festivals.

The new streetlight will come in two models. The first, the "high" light, will be found along sidewalks, attached to traffic light poles and street signs.


"High" streetlight | Architectural credit: Daoust Lestage
The second model, the "candle" light, will more frequently be seen at the edges of public spaces.


"Candle" streetlight | Architectural credit: Daoust Lestage
A special creation of Daoust Lestage, the architects of the new public outdoor areas in the Quartier, the 135 new streetlights will allow event organizers to easily connect their own equipment.

The form of the streetlights is a sly reference to the trusswork used to hang lights around stages and in theaters. The installation of the new lights will be complete in 2013.

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