Champ de pixels: an interactive installation

December 16, 2010

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After your mandatory snow angels, you'll have a new winter ritual: drawing paths of light through the Champ de pixels.

To light it up this year, we’ll need your thighs. Yes, you read that correctly: hop on the Bixi bicycles set up next to the installation and help power the 300 light fixtures. 15 minutes on the bike for 30 minutes of light! If the volunteers don't move, Champ de pixels doesn't shine...

Each light fixture has a motion detector that, once triggered, changes the color of the light from red to white. You can recreate the traditional snow games and create paths of light, or let your creativity run free and trace out luminous pathways! It all happens at Place Émilie-Gamelin, from December 15th to February 17th.


Created by Érick Villeneuve of Novalux and Jean Beaudoin of Intégral