Who said that Montreal doesn’t celebrate its northern side?

December 2, 2010

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This winter, the Quartier des spectacles presents three installations that will help make Montreal’s cultural heart a rich destination, even when it’s below zero! Starting in mid-December, you will enjoy a light therapy session thanks to three new outdoor lighting installations. This new programming comes on top of the 80 cultural venues that already make this destination its distinctive reputation.

December 15 to February 27, Sphères polaires, a creation of Lucion Média, will sprawl out from the Place des Festivals to the Place des Arts esplanade. 25 vinyl spheres, 3 to 10 meters in diameter, will explore three themes: winter games, winter light and urban winter. Each sphere will express its own imgaination, generating sequences of light, sound and video in response to the movements of participants.


Photo | Light test with the Sphere polaires Photo credit | Mattera Joly
December 15 to February 9, a new version of Champ de pixels will sprout at Place Émilie-Gamelin. Visitors will be able to make their way through a playful installation made of hundreds of interactive light sources. This year, we introduced a new element : Bixi bikes will be mounted around the installation, and the activity of pedalling cyclists will feed energy to different spots and change the color of the light. What’s more, the three Melvin Charney-designed structures in the square will be illuminated. Here's a video of last year project at place des Festivals:

After a makeover by light artists from Lyons during the previous All-Nighter, Montreal’s highest clock tower – the Saint-Jacques church tower, now integrated into the Judith-Jasmin building at UQAM – will be transformed with light yet again. For almost three months, numerous creators will produce video works, using the church façade as a canvas under the direction of Jimmy Lakatos. Here's a video of last year project:

Polar Spheres | December 15 to February 15 | Created by Bernard Duguay and Pierre Gagnon, Lucion Média Champ de pixels | December 15 to February 9 | Created by Jean Beaudoin, Intégral and Érick Villeneuve, Novalux Projections | From mid-December to early March | Many creators, under the artistic direciton of Jimmy Lakatos