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Isolation :
Four female office workers give orders and pirouette around a conference table. One woman mounts it, and suddenly lays slack. Manœuvring her body carefully, the others don’t acknowledge her utterances. The scene turns violent. What emerges is a paradoxical ethics of care and indifference.
Nation-Individual combines the full-length, original choreographies Collective Individual (2013) and Nation's Legacy of Severance (2010). Through this revisitation the artists of the intercultural collective Thirst/Clarity – Zohar Melinek and Mary St-Amand Williamson-- examine how solidarity is created and maintained among the collective and the individual, among disparate and diverse communities, as well as the psychological and physical implications of neo colonization. Nation-Individual incorporates dance, sound and video, and addresses a series of dualities and/or dichotomies inherent in civilian struggle. Implicit in the performances and choreographies of Thirst/Clarity are the acts of revealing and concealing, of telling and muting. A recurrent theme throughout their work over the past four years is the relationship between seemingly disparate individuals and their shared sense of displacement, isolation, and privilege as well as their inevitable – yet strained— collaboration.Length : 30 minutes Discussions : October, Friday, 31