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August 30, 2014 to October 4, 2014

Giving great importance to material and form, his artistic approach is manifested by sculpture, installation and drawing. his researches are organized around the notion of evolution, especially mechanisms of survival in nature, found in plants and animals, and around the archaeological status of the sculptural object through history. In addition, he is fascinated by how systems are built around us, creating works where there is a relationship to power. Whether in a representation of a position of authority or in a symbolic representation of a defensive force, this correspondence to power seeks to alter our perception of his work and even more, the relationship we have with our environment.

Guided in part by technique and in another part by conceptual intuition, he uses different strategies to implement his approach such as: the juxtaposition of anachronisms, exploring the sculptural surface and formal innovation affiliated with design. His artwork is usually staged in a context, mixing an aesthetic of an industrial workshop, a natural history museum and of a dystopian science fiction world.