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April 1, 2014 to April 27, 2014

Guido Molinari, a painter, poet, sculptor and theoretician, left behind an imposing body of works, an exceptional contribution to Canadian contemporary art. This profile, begun sixteen months before his death, explores his life and his art, and in particular his public and private activities over the course of 2003. With his close friend Roald Nasgaard, a professor at Florida State University, Molinari discusses the works of Mallarmé and Mondrian, two major influences on his painting. While presenting his pivotal works, it also touches on various concepts that underlie his artistic approach, as well as the evolution of abstraction and the theoretical debates of his youth. Reflecting his fondness for music, the artist organized an event with the Quatuor Molinari in March 2003 to celebrate the birthday of his friend, composer Murray Schafer. In the Laurentians, where he loved to take refuge, he guides us through his serigraphy printmaking studio. This posthumous portrait, a testimonial to an impressive career, is interspersed with comments from various members of the art world, including art historian François-Marc Gagnon, National Gallery of Canada director Pierre Théberge, and the artist’s wife, art historian and theoretician Fernande Saint-Martin. The film’s visually poetic style draws its inspiration from Molinari’s paintings as it highlights their chromatic richness. Source: FIFA

Director: Lauraine André-G. Montréal: Québec Inc. 2963-3088 / Vidéographe [dist.], 2004, 86 min.