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April 23, 2014 | 20 H

For some time now, author, storyteller, and comedian, Fabien Cloutier has been toying with the idea of doing stand-up. He’s an orator without equal who rarely misses his mark. Breaking out in theatre with his outrageously funny, utterly relevant productions of Scotstown and Cranbourne, Fabien now elicits giggles on Radio Canada’s Plus on est de fous plus on lit, where every month, using his very own special take on proverbs, he shakes down current events and ferrets out terminal stupidity wherever it tries to hide. Whether it’s the idiosyncrasies of Québécois culture, mainstream media quirks, or even a few of the scared cows of Québec entertainment, no one in his sights escapes the fearless sting of his uncompromising wit. In short, he’s here to shake things up… a lot! Here is an actor with purpose whose first forays into humour are delivering a decidedly hilarious interpretation of the world around him.

“Fabien Cloutier is an incredible storyteller – part children’s troubadour, part circus clown on acid.”
– Éric Moreault, entertainment critic for the daily Le Soleil