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Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch (Germany)
Pina Bausch
A Danse Danse / Place des Arts co-presentation

"This is the kind of carnivales que celebration that only Bausch could orchestrate, teetering between ecstasy and danger. Even if Vollmond doesn't ventore into the darkest chambers of her vintage work, it unlocks doors in the imagination, to which only she had the keys." (The Guardian, London)
Vollmond (Full Moon) is a marvelous legacy created by the illustrious German choreographer Pina Bausch three years before her death in 2009. An icon who was a pioneer of dance theatre, in this piece she revisits the unending theme of male-female relations, from the desire for love to solitude, from laughter to tears, benumbed apathy to startling vitality. Her 12 dancers-actors bare their souls without reservation in poignant, breathtaking and amazing solos that they perform downstage while their sensual or playful games of seduction and theatrical scenes unfold in a sublime lakeside landscape décor where the dancers slide, swim, fight and frolic under an intermittent rain that falls as a fine drizzle or in torrents. Like a pagan ritual whose powerful images leave a strong impression.
Length : 2 h 20 (including intermission)
Post-performance talk with the artists: Friday, November 14, 2014.
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Photo © Laurent Philippe