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October 2, 2024 to October 5, 2024

As part of Agora de la danse

Édifice WILDER | Espace Danse Book

Soleil Launière, a multidisciplinary Innu artist, invites us to an unusual performance in which she joins her one-year-old daughter, her 70-year-old mentor and a double bass player on stage.

"Aianishkat" means from one generation to the next. If there is one essential element that runs through indigenous societies on every continent, it is the notion of intergenerational transmission. From the eldest to the youngest children, we are taught daily lessons vital to the survival of the land and its inhabitants, both human and animal. For Soleil Launière’s generation and those before it, these vital links have been weakened by the forced intergenerational break-up. Every evening, movements and bodies are subjected to the utmost attention, to total adaptability with this child who brings a touching unpredictability.

Choreography: Soleil Launière
Performers: Soleil Launière, Rasili Botz, Maé-Nitei Launière-Lessard