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July 28, 2024 | 13 H

Cinémathèque québécoise Book

Snake Eater (L'Indomptable) is the first in a series of three films starring the incredible Lorenzo Lamas. While the other two were buddy films, this first instalment is more of a “hicksploitation” film, a strange genre that often starred a certain Burt Reynolds. Jack “Soldier” Kelly, a Vietnam veteran turned New York cop, infiltrates gangs, uses unorthodox techniques and, like MacGyver, has a keen sense of resourcefulness, particularly in his use of makeshift traps. When he learns that his parents have been killed and his sister kidnapped, he travels to their small country town in Tennessee and discovers that it’s under the bootheel of a clan of degenerate rednecks led by “Junior” Night, who disguises himself as a bear to commit some of his misdeeds. Kelly soon befriends King, an old mechanic who turns his trusty motorbike into a jet ski. Now able to navigate the waterways, Kelly hunts down the gang in a bid to free her sister.

(Canada - 1989 - 94 min - OV French)
Directed by George Erschbamer

Hosted by Marc Lamothe