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July 21, 2024 | 15 H

Cinémathèque québécoise Book

"The Carpenter" is a horror film that is both original and downright zany—original in its premise and wild in its execution. It's a fun, psychotronic film that's a delight for fans of the genre. A housewife, Alice (Lynne Adams), seems to be suffering from depression. After a stay in a rest home, she and her controlling husband move into a new residence that requires extensive work. The crew hired for the job turns out to be undisciplined, ill-mannered, lazy, and not very good at renovations. At night, however, Alice hears noises and discovers the presence of an affable and gifted carpenter (Wings Hauser). The house was in fact never completed, its original builder having quickly fallen into debt and found himself harassed by debt collectors whom he murdered. Could the mysterious carpenter be the builder who died in the electric chair? Be that as it may, a relationship develops between Alice and the seemingly sympathetic carpenter. He even goes so far as to save her life when a workman becomes too insistent. A few absurd murders with power tools follow.

(Canada - 1988 - 89 min - OV English)
Directed by David Wellington