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July 21, 2024 | 13 H

Cinémathèque québécoise Book

Julie is the daughter of Eddie, an impresario who manages the career of Paul (Jean-Pierre Ferland), a hyperactive pop singer. From an early age, Julie, a difficult child who has been forgiven everything since the death of her mother, falls in love with Paul. The love of a child gradually turns into a real adolescent obsession, then into adult desire. Unfortunately for her, Paul loves all women, but none in particular. Above all, he loves his freedom and making music. While Paul is spending time at his farm in Saint-Norbert working on arrangements for new songs with his group of musicians, Julie unexpectedly arrives with a motorcycle gang and crashes at his place for a few days. The result of this stay was a song, "Vivre à deux," which is sure to be a hit. But then came the day when Julie had to leave again.

(Québec - 1976 - 92 min - OV French)
Directed by Jacques Vallée