Information on the activity

August 5, 2024 to August 7, 2024

As part of Fierté Montréal

Cinquième salle - Place des Arts Book

An uninhibited and festive cabaret, "Ciseaux" (Scissors), presented by Fugues, revives queer memory from a feminist point of view.

The two authors and actresses reappropriate with contagious, and not at all guilty, pleasure the numerous clichés surrounding female homosexuality, starting with the title, which refers to a sexual position between women, abundantly fantasized by many men and exaggeratedly present in pornography.

Over the course of twenty scenes combining archive and fiction documents, audio testimonies, projections, performances, and drag king acts, they retrace with sensitivity and humour the history of lesbian struggles since the last century, highlighting the underrepresentation and invisibility of women who are hesitant to identify as such within queer communities.