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August 11, 2024 | 19 H

As part of ItalfestMTL

Astral Gates, born amidst the vibrant musical landscape of Montreal, Quebec in 2019, represents a convergence of talent and passion within the realm of rock music. Composed of Dan Bano, Jonathan Guarascio, Dave Traina, and Domenic Carbone, the ensemble manifests a musical journey characterized by meticulous audio refinement and a mature songwriting ethos.

Their music resonates with a global audience, drawing upon the timeless elements of rock while infusing it with contemporary energy and innovation. Astral Gates’ artistic odyssey has traversed continents, marked by notable achievements including publishing deals in the UK and India. Their cross-provincial tours, including memorable performances such as opening for Three Days Grace at the esteemed Osisko en Lumiere festival, underscore their ability to captivate diverse audiences and leave an indelible mark on stages worldwide.

With two EPs and an album already solidifying their presence and an accomplished album in their repertoire, Astral Gates remains steadfastly committed to the pursuit of musical excellence. As they embark on their next creative endeavor, the band’s unwavering dedication to their craft promises an evolution that resonates deeply with enthusiasts of rock music across borders and generations.

Astral Gates stands as a beacon of artistic prowess and potential. Their broad appeal within the rock music realm, coupled with their track record of international acclaim and relentless pursuit of sonic innovation, positions them as exemplary ambassadors of Canadian musical talent on the global stage.