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November 13, 2024 | 20 H

Théâtre Maisonneuve - Place des Arts Book

The long-awaited return of the celebrated dance company from Buenos Aires!

A love story with Argentine roots, told through a convergence of artistic disciplines. On stage: ten dancers, four musicians, and a singer faithfully reproduce the classic melodies and Latin-imbued sound of the tango. The show, created by choreographer Augustina Videla, is a stimulating, one-of-a-kind visual experience. Complementing the perfectly orchestrated movements are a series of photos and a documentary film, giving the audience an opportunity to delve even deeper into this rich tradition of dance.

Be it through its music, its beauty, or the sense of connection it creates, tango is a fascinating art. Originating in the 1880s along the natural border between Argentina and Uruguay, the dance form has since won the hearts of audiences around the globe. Through its performances, the Social Tango Project celebrates the richness of this art form in multiple ways.