Information on the activity

September 28, 2024 | 19 H

Activity part of the Montreal Culture Days program!

Guided tour of St. James Church, a historic site in Canada, and discussion with the artists on the menu!

Join pianist Isak Goldschneider as he guides the listener on an hour-long journey through vast and varied sonic landscapes in the concert programme Cosmique!

The performance opens with Howard Skempton's Notti stellate a Vagli, a piece that captures the serene and expansive beauty of a starry night in the mountains of Tuscany, recalling the infinite distances of interstellar space. Next, Linda Catlin Smith's A Nocturne offers a delicate and introspective exploration of nighttime stillness, reflecting the subtle and intimate passions of the heart. A sonata by Domenico Scarlatti leads the journey further through human history. The programme concludes with Jo Kondo's Sight Rhythmics, a piece that evokes the complex rhythms and patterns of the subatomic microcosm, offering a glimpse into the smallest distances of all. Each composition in this programme traverses different dimensions of distance - a unique and immersive exploration of diverse realms of sound and space.

- Free admission, donations accepted