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April 16, 2025 to April 19, 2025

As part of Danse Danse

Théâtre Maisonneuve - Place des Arts Book

Peeping Tom has been making waves on the European dance scene since the early 2000s with its offbeat, genre-bending universe portrayed by extraordinary performers. An unconstrained imaginary world where horror and extravagance go hand in hand.

Belgian company Peeping Tom fascinates audiences with its hyper-realistic aesthetic, somewhere between dance, theatre and film, underpinned by set designs rooted in reality. In this universe that defies the conventions of time and space, the audience becomes a witness—a voyeur?—to inner dramas that are usually hidden or hushed up. The Triptych trilogy reaches rare heights of inventiveness and physical agility. Each part takes place in an enclosed space: a living room with multiple doors that won’t open; a ship’s cabin; an abandoned restaurant taking on water. The set changes are carried out in full view, as on a film set. Subjected to uncontrollable natural forces, with no way out, the tormented characters move between past and present, real and invented memories, against a backdrop of eerie sound effects. Captivating.