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May 15, 2025 | 20 H

Théâtre Maisonneuve - Place des Arts Book

The comedic world of "Appelez-Moi Stéphane": an '80s gem by Claude Meunier and Louis Saia. This vibrant tribute to classics such as "Les Voisins" and "La Petite Vie" promises a nostalgic and thrilling journey to the heart of a legendary play, still captivating for today's generations. An exceptional opportunity to rediscover this classic, skillfully adapted to our era.

Five aspiring actors from different backgrounds enroll in an evening theater course, enticed by the promise of a unique artistic experience. Stephane, their charismatic teacher, challenges them to create a play. With his innate talent for uncovering his students' vulnerabilities, Stephane gradually leads them to reveal their torments and release the anxiety hidden deep within. While Stephane's intentions may seem noble, he underestimates the forces he sets in motion. Like a sorcerer's apprentice, he unleashes dynamics he can no longer control, turning this theatrical project into an experience with unexpected and potentially perilous consequences.

This legendary and mythical play deftly mixes drama and laughter into an explosive theatrical cocktail. Don't miss this joyful madness!