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May 6, 2025 | 19 H

Théâtre Maisonneuve - Place des Arts Book

Finally! Our rising star, the ever-dynamic and bubbly Barbada, will be in the spotlight in her very first show, "Multicolore," directed by Joël Legendre.

Accompanied by her dancers, Barbada will take us through a rainbow of emotions in the blink of an eye! Excelling in disco, pop and dance styles, expect colorful performances. Choreography, sequins, wigs and breathtaking dresses are all part of the show!

Barbada's reputation precedes her, and she never misses an opportunity to tell us a story! It's not for nothing that she's known as everyone's drag queen. With her wit, candor and inclusive values, she's concocted a show that's sure to please everyone! Come and celebrate the thousand and one shades that lie dormant within you!