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September 21, 2023 to December 30, 2023

As part of the 60th anniversary of Place des Arts, the exhibition "New Media Pioneers" celebrates the work of two digital and performing art precursors: Michel Lemieux of 4D ART and Édouard Lock. After decades, these artists remain at the forefront of multidisciplinary creativity at the crossroads of new technology. "New Media Pioneers" is a place of connection, sharing and experience between virtual art and contemporary dance.

The exhibition presents three virtual reality works from Studio 4D ART, "Untouched," "Icarus," and "Invisible" in addition to the latest film by Édouard Lock, ÉCHO.

"Untouched" is a work that deals with separation and the desire for human closeness, Icarus embodies the myth of the Greek character, while "Invisible" poetically addresses themes related to aging. Presented in the Espace 4D ART, the brand-new virtual art gallery of Studio 4D ART, these works are an amalgam between real and virtual worlds.

"ÉCHO," Lock's film, is a choreographic composition that plunges us into a gallery of cinematographic mirrors that shape and distort the body's geometry. The work embodies a world where illusion and dance have only one echo.

The presentation of "New Media Pioneers" marks the third year of collaboration between Place des Arts and PHI, which began in 2021.