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February 26, 2023 | 15 H

Salle Pierre-Mercure du Centre Pierre-Péladeau – UQAM Book

One of Walter Boudreau’s major works on poems by his great accomplice and friend Raôul Duguay, created when he arrived at the SMCQ, reinvented when he left.

The tragic universe of the Passion of Christ set to music by Walter Boudreau, based on poems by Raôul Duguay. Golgot(h)a revisits the Stations of the Cross, represented by some fifteen tableaux and performed by a large ensemble of brass ensemble, percussion, organ and 16 voices. Winner in Paris in 1991 of the Grand prix Paul Gilson from Community of French-Language Radio Broadcasters, this piece is based on a motet for four voices by composer Tomás Luis de Victoria, also on the programme. The organ piece Les Communiantes by Claude Vivier completes this exceptional concert, which recalls the hold of the Catholic religion before the Quiet Revolution and its influence on the lives of the two creators.

“Although I am not religious… the Stations of the Cross are in my eyes the most intense representation of the drama of a human being faced with the inevitable. This long tunnel of great darkness is the terrible funeral march of a man condemned to an abominable torture: crucifixion.” - Walter Boudreau