Les mardis Tranquille

Les mardis Tranquille

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December 6, 2022 to April 11, 2023

Two Tuesdays each month, the Grand Salon in the Esplanade Tranquille pavilion hosts talks (in French) about the art of words, inspired by the intellectual, visionary and rebellious bookseller Henri Tranquille.

Les mardis Tranquille will be led by host, journalist and cultural mediator Julie Laferrière, who had the good fortune to meet the legendary Mr. Tranquille. The sessions will explore a variety of themes with inspiring guest speakers from the world of literature and writing, with time for interaction with the public.

7:00 - 8:30 p.m. limited capacity | first come, first served


December 6: Henri Tranquille’s world with the writer, Yves Beauchemin and the director, Jean-Pierre Gariépy. | postponed to January 17

December 20: Storytelling across cultures with storyteller, singer and ethnographer, Michel Faubert and actress and author, Geneviève Rochette.

January 17: Henri Tranquille’s world with the writer, Yves Beauchemin, the director, Jean-Pierre Gariépy and the journalist, Marc Laurendeau.

January 31: Round table: booksellers with Katherine Fafard, Executive Director of the Association des libraires du Québec, Martin Turcotte, owner and bookseller of the bookstore Le Port de tête and Pierre Lefebvre, writer.

Febuary 14: Writing in songs with Luc De Larochellière and Sarahmée.

Febuary 28: The Refus global manifesto and the visual arts with Gilles Daigneault, art critic and independent curator and former director of the Guido Molinari Foundation.

March 14: Literary correspondences

March 28: Writing in dramaturgy (in collaboration with TMN)

April 11: Libraries (in collaboration with BAnQ)

*Subject to change