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- Film screening followed by a discussion

STILLSTAND - Film Series | Haus-Kino and Film Club

The Goethe-Institut is dedicating a multifaceted online project to the concept of stillness (Stillstand), where this very special state and its subtle poetry are explored in numerous contributions by international artists and authors.

Under Snow
Unter Schnee
Germany, 2011, 108 min., documentary
Director: Ulrike Ottinger

In Echigo in Japan, the snow often lies several feet deep well into May covering landscape and villages. Over the centuries the inhabitants have organised their lives accordingly. In order to record their very distinctive forms of everyday life, their festivals and religious rituals Ulrike Ottinger journeyed to the mythical snow country – accompanied by two Kabuki performers. Taking the parts of the students Takeo and Mako, they follow in the footsteps of Bokushi Suzuki who in the mid-19th century wrote his remarkable book Snow Country Tales...

Language: Original with French subtitles.
Free of charge. Suggested Donation: $5.

Quartier des spectacles Montreal, Quebec