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October 7, 2022 | 17 H

Cinémathèque québécoise Book

- Au crépuscule (At Dusk): Miryam Charles - 2022 - Short Film - 17 minutes - Canada
During a school outing in the forest, Charlotte is confronted by her inner demons. Alone in the frozen woods and far from the gaze of her peers, she will have to face her biggest battle: the one against her eating disorder.

- Most of the Time We Are Just Waiting: Molly Shears - 2022 - Short Film - 20 minutes - Canada
Set to the backdrop of her suburban town’s evacuation, thirteen-year-old Nora enlists the help of the boy next door to search for her apathetic big sister, who has snuck out to party with an older boy. Throughout the night, the sisters will be faced with the responsibilities they have towards each other.

- Nid d'oiseau: Nadia Louis-Desmarchais - 2022 - Short Film - 9 minutes - Canada
A young girl Léna is mocked at school for her hair. With the help of her sister, she gives herself a makeover. How far is one willing to go to be considered beautiful in a society whose standards only apply to a portion of the population, while excluding racialized bodies?

- III: Salomé Villeneuve - 2022 - Short Film - 12 minutes - Canada
By a hot summer day on the lakeshore, three siblings face death for the first time through their contact with nature.

- Rocket Fuel: Jessie Posthumus - 2021 - Short Film - 11 minutes - Canada
In a small town on a hot July day, three young kids clean up the cans and bottles let by their absent parents. Hoping to cash the empties for ice cream, they carry their loot in a wagon nicknamed "The Rocket." Along the way, their resilience and resourcefulness will be tested.

- Oasis: Justine Martin - 2022 - Short Film - 14 minutes - Canada
On the brink of adolescence, twins Raphaël and Rémi are growing distant as one of them, living with a disability, remains trapped in childhood. But for one last summer, time seems to be at a standstill.

- Carte blanche | Visites nocturnes silencieuses (Carte blanche 2022): Ariane Louis-Seize - 2022 - Short Film - 4 minutes - Canada
This exclusive carte blanche by Ariane Louis-Seize will be presented as the first part of our opening film FALCON LAKE by Charlotte Le Bon as well as the first part of the features and short films of the national competition. In this dreamlike tribute to her grandmother, Ariane raises the possibility that the seal between life and death is more porous than we think.