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October 6, 2022 to October 10, 2022

Cinéma Quartier Latin Book

Japan has the oldest population in the world, a real-life fact that inspired this disturbing work of fiction. Forced to take action, the government decides to set up an unusual program to encourage seniors to end their lives so they won’t be a burden on society. As propaganda and guilt-inducing slogans are churned out, Plan 75 enters the lives of a lonely old woman, a young government recruiter and a Filipina caregiver. Chie Hayakawa’s debut feature taps into visceral current-day fears to create a subtle and strangely peaceful dystopia. The film is gentle in its depiction of hearts that stop beating in total anonymity.

Chie Hayakawa - 2022 - Feature Film - 112 minutes - Japan / Philippines / France / Qata
Language: Japanese
Subtitle language: French