Le party de la grande rentrée!

Le party de la grande rentrée!

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September 8, 2022 | 18 H

A big back-to-school party that gets underway at 6 p.m. Groove to the music of three DJs: Ian Jackman at 6 p.m., Shaydakiss at 7 and Karaba at 8:30.


Over the past 10 years, through his work as both a DJ and an event organizer, IAN JACKMAN has carved out a place for himself in Montreal’s events scene. Endowed with an innate sense of what is good and beautiful, IAN JACKMAN is inclusive and self-aware and always knows how to get any crowd, no matter how diverse, onto the dance floor. With a smile on his face, he easily navigates from disco to funk, through 1990-2000s dance, revealing his well-known penchant for house music with pop accents... He knows the perfect recipe to get us making out on the dance floor.

Informal meetings, small or large musical events, private or corporate functions, crazy dance parties: you can count on every guest getting into the groove and letting themselves be carried away by his often poppy, sometimes sexy beats and seduced by the subtle charm of IAN JACKMAN.


The distinctive sound of Shaydakiss is a mix of house, techno, funk, and disco, but even behind the decks, it’s her charisma that manages to charm the audience mixing Montréal’s fashion and music scenes flawlessly.

Already a prominent figure of Montreal's nightlife, evolving into one of the city's most loved DJs was a natural next step for Shaydakiss. The homegrown lady of this cultural city is no outsider to the late-night party scene.

Shaydakiss is not just making noise at her home base, but is also solidifying her presence nation-wide in Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City and Vancouver. Topping that, she has played at several hotspots in New York City, Paris, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Chicago, Miami and Turks & Caicos.

Shayda has been impressing people by the thousands – adding Osheaga Music Festival, Igloofest, Piknic Électronik, AIM Festival, Just for Laughs Festival and the Montreal International Jazz Festival to her rapidly growing résumé. In 2012, Shaydakiss was featured across the pages of Canada's Fashion Magazine as one of the top 12 influential Canadian women who are grabbing attention across the country and around the world.

Though she's busily banging it out and weaving her way through different cities, Shaydakiss isn't exclusively djing. She continues to throw down several monthly parties in her hometown, Montreal, which have their respective cult following and are guaranteed to pack the dance floor. Her sound isn’t easily confined to one or even a few categories – it’s a collection of music that results when melted together by her diverging influences from house, disco and techno to hip hop, rap and R&B . And while it’s hard to pin down, one thing she always promises to deliver is an audience that definitively won’t be standing still.


Music and (literal) movement have defined Karaba’s entire life. Karaba was born in Grenoble, France and, at the age of seven, moved to Montreal. As a child, she was enrolled in dance, which would become the next major step in her artistic journey and her first love. Self-describing as an immigrant all her life, Karaba relocated to key musical markets to pursue her passion for dance. She lived in places like New York, where she moved when she was 20, and Los Angeles in 2014.

While in Los Angeles, Karaba was a dancer for some of pop music’s heaviest hitters such as Drake, Camila Cabello and Selena Gomez. She has also appeared in numerous music videos and at award shows. When a major tour was cancelled in 2016, Karaba felt helpless about the next step of her career. She found her way to DJing and music production, a career move that she had been contemplating for some time. When she enrolled in the DJ Scratch Academy in L.A., Karaba says she found a renewed artistic purpose.

“Being able to control the music with my fingers was the closest I ever felt to music. The feeling was just out of this world.”

DJ Karaba is currently working on her own project, an EP that will combine her love of creation and movement for music lovers and her desire to master production. She’s working with Young Galaxy’s Stephen Ramsey, whom she has described as a key mentor and collaborator during this process. Nearly two years into doing this full-time, Karaba says this project is one of the most personally fulfilling things she has ever done.

DJ Karaba’s music is electric and spicy. There are no pauses or slowdowns. Her intensity, her wish to see people dance and feel the music the way she feels it, is aspirational, all-consuming. There is unmitigated joy in such a devotion to sound, in being enveloped by one’s passion.

“I'm very intense and it's reflected in everything I do, especially music,” Karaba says enthusiastically. “My goal on this Earth is to inspire people, especially young black girls, to believe that they can literally do whatever they put their mind to. I come from barely anything, but I have an artistic soul that has guided me to where I am today.”