Information on the activity

August 12, 2022 to August 15, 2022

Samuel Ojeda is from the southwest, born in 1957 in northwestern Mexico in Mayo land, where the people call themselves Yoreme. Samuel is a man who has deep respect and love for nature and the Native American ways. He is a teacher, a translator, a storyteller, a ceremonialist, a Pow-Wow drummer and singer, a flute player, a guitar player, a traditional dancer, a sweat lodge helper and fire keeper, a drum maker, and an artisan. Samuel travelled to Valenciennes, France in 2007 on a cultural exchange, and his flute recordings have appeared on German radio in 2010. Samuel's artwork has the honour of being displayed in exhibits of Native content, in Western Europe. His one-man crafts company, Runs-on-Fire, continues to flourish as his hand-made objects continue to be sought the world-over by healers and medicine helpers. Samuel continues to participate in conferences, workshops, sharings, and talks on Native American issues, giving his unconditional support to the people who promote the well-being of our beloved Mother Earth through his art and prayer.

- Participation in the Parade Friendship Nuestroamericana on Sunday, August 14.