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August 18, 2022 | 19 H 30

Akawui is a multidimensional singer-songwriter with a powerful, socially involved and conscious music of Chilean and indigenous Mapuche origin. Performing most often in Spanish, the quadrilingual musician (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese) found his sound in Latin hip-hop with elements of electronics, bass and traditional Andean folk.

Talented and creative, for lovers of urban alternative music around the world, Akawui merges the tribal with the modern. His lyrics convey an uplifting and uplifting message with an energetic presence and at other times with a round, romantic sound. His primary objective with his art is to break down psychological barriers and to prove that it is through the union that one grows as an individual. Akawui, combines a multitude of seemingly opposite sounds in his music, creating an exciting and powerful musical experience for all listeners.