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May 19, 2022 | 18 H 45

Cinémathèque québécoise Book

- Nimeshkanaminan (Notre chemin), Yasmine Fontaine et Laura Fontaine, Canada 0:05:30 VOF
Two young Innu women take up the old roads of the past to revive the identity of their Nation; a tribute to the Elders, the territory and the Innu people.

- Qu’est-ce que je te montrerai, Elie-John Joseph, Canada 0:09:32 VOF
In the tradition of direct cinema, “What Will I Show You” is an intimate documentary in which a grandfather and his grandson discuss the past and future of Innu culture.

- Aniskenamakewin, Marie-Kristine Petiquay, Canada 0:10:30 VOF
Shot over three years during the Matakan Project’s cultural transmission camps in the Atikamekw community of Manawan, this documentary attempts to demonstrate the urgency of taking action to ensure the preservation of Atikamekw heritage and culture.

- Northern Comfort: A Drive Around Town, Mélanie Lameboy, Canada 0:07:47 VO-STF
Being Metis and trilingual in Chisasibi, a community in the north, shines a light on the social dynamics between Crees and the non-natives.

- I Am the Warrior, Tara Audibert, Canada 0:07:52 VO-STF
A mother and daughter Fox have a poor relationship. The daughter wants to right the wrongs the residential schools have commited to make her mother this way. She becomes the Warrior in her thoughts to save the young version of her mother, only to find her mother is the true Warrior after surviving Residential School.

- La femme sans nom, l’histoire de Jeanne & Baudelaire, Régine Abadia, France 0:54:10 VOF
The film tells the story of a black woman whose real name is not known and a white poet of considerable fame. Blinded by their racist prejudices, historians and biographers of the poet have been relentless in their attacks on Jeanne. This film aims to rehabilitate the woman who inspired some of the most beautiful poems in the French language.