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May 19, 2022 | 16 H 30

- The Shadow Project, Teresa D’Elia, Canada 0:04:44 VO-STF
The Shadow Project is an art project hosted each year. It has taken place in over 250 cities worldwide, and in Hamilton (On.) by artist Bryce Kanbara (You Me Gallery). The event commemorates the 1945 bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan and aims to raise awareness about the ongoing threat from nuclear proliferation.

- Atomkraftwerk Zwentendorf, Hope Tucker, États-Unis 0:16:40 VO-STF
Forty years ago, in what was only the second referendum ever to be held in their country, Austrians voted against opening a nuclear power plant that had already been built. As the only nuclear power plant in the world to be built and never opened, Atomkraftwerk Zwentendorf is a monument to the power of public protest and the potential of a democratic vote.

- Un robot à soi, Anne Gabrielle Lebrun Harpin, Canada 0:16:07 VOF
Marketing pitches between 1940 and 1970 lead to believe that new technologies facilitating household chores were responsible for women’s emancipation in the 20th century. By reusing commercials and television archives, this retrofuturist feminist essay questions this capitalist discourse in order to examine the relationship between women and technology.

- L’expérience Ungemach, une histoire de l’eugénisme, Vincent Gaullier, Jean-Jacques Lonni, France 1:06:00 VOF
The Ungemach eugenics experiment, which received the approval of the authorities, political and scientific, was a subject of fascination the world over. And it will last more than 60 years. The film will weave connections between accounts from residents of the village, shocked to have been the unwitting guinea pigs of this experiment, along with those of historians and international specialists on these issues.