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July 12, 2022 to July 16, 2022

TOHU, la Cité des arts du cirque Book

A captivating visual and auditory poem!

PLAST is an exploratory circus performance interwoven with live music. Opening the realms of the magnificent, humble and the calm, PLAST touches and moves.

A plastic floating magically like the sea. The light touching it with a shimmering veil. A body wrapped in plastic suspended by the hair, unravelling, music flooding. Two bodies climbing and spinning in a rope, balancing a block of ice on the head. Will the balance break? How do we listen to each other?

I feel the polar ice melt on my forehead. I dance with the plastic that floods the oceans. I hold the weight of your body in my arms and your voice fills all of me. I am scared but not alone. We are here now. Together.
Light and darkness.
Sound and silence.