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Critically acclaimed in 2021 when presented to a limited audience, here is your chance to see or re-see “Face-à-face.”

Four characters engage in a conversation about the quest for beauty and the absolute, about the mysteries of creating dance and theatre. Featuring Jérémie Niel, Catherine Gaudet, Louise Bédard and Félix-Antoine Boutin. Mirroring each other, two choreographers and two directors manipulate art, examining the strings and cracks of their disciplines.

Danced movement onstage adds to the choreography of words, sounds and breaths that send various trajectories, landscapes and critical thoughts spinning into orbit. From words to abstraction, the two performers (Louise Bédard and Félix-Antoine Boutin) inhabit the space, contaminating each other, adopting an ironic tone as they seek to reach out, to comprehend. They plunge into a mutual questioning of each other’s creative approach. The magic and fragility of each are revealed all the more when jolted and propelled into the other’s position and worldview. A journey toward something near to hand.

Quartier des spectacles Montreal, Quebec