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March 24, 2022 to March 27, 2022

As part of Tangente

Édifice Wilder Espace Danse Book

YANNICE OUELLET | L’art de la confrontation
Ever wondered how it feels to join a battle? It’s one of the key elements that sets street dance apart from contemporary dance. Embracing the spirit of the battle, seven krumpers face down the audience, now turned opponent. They introduce us to their characters, their feelings, the atmosphere they seek to explore through their personal styles. They meet the spectators’ gaze, building trust before the confrontation. The energy rises, pulling the audience in and allowing it to experience, understand, and feel the excitement of the battle.

KRYSTINA DEJEAN | Conjuguer crise et empathie
Empathy is the superpower of humanity. Over the past two years, we have repeatedly borne witness to individual and collective suffering. Having embarked on their creative process during lockdown, the four dancers first created a safe space through their computer screens. They found a vulnerable and authentic form of expression in waacking, a style of street dance created in the 70s by queer Black and Latino youth seeking a welcoming community. Drawing on waacking’s cinematic influences, the choreographer uses the world of horror flicks as an outlet to let the performers explore feelings and thoughts that inspire fear.