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December 2, 2021 to February 16, 2022

Nova is a video installation inspired by the motion of water. Combining footage of natural flows with synthesized graphics, it presents a portrait of water in transformation – a reality that melts into the imagination. This video projection was made using custom software that combines sequences of moving water with synthesized wave action. For Luminothérapie, images of the Lachine Rapids were recorded as the basis for abstract portraits of Montreal’s fluvial environments. Nova sheds both familiar and strange light on water’s ever-shifting patterns, to reveal the wondrous mysteries of this essential substance.

Nova includes three pairs of video projections, presenting an evolving series that corresponds to the different aspects of water during winter: storm, ice, and the melting of snow.

Nova is presented as part of the 12th edition of Luminothérapie, an initiative of the Partenariat du Quartier des Spectacles. Discover throughout the Quartier several luminous and interactive works as well as an original video projection presented at nightfall. Enjoy your visit!

Videos 1 and 2: From December 2, 2021 to December 23, 2021
Videos 3 and 4: From December 25, 2021 to January 14, 2022
Videos 5 and 6: From January 15, 2022 to February 16, 2022


Presented as part of Luminothérapie, 12th edition

From December 2, 2021 to February 16, 2022
Monday to Sunday:

  • 5 p.m. on façade du Pavillon Président-Kennedy de l’UQAM
  • 7 p.m. on façade de l'Édifice Wilder - Espace Danse

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Creation and production: Serious Computer Group
Design, video capture, editing, programming and compositing: Nina Bouchard and Evan Montpellier

A co-production of Serious Computer Group and the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership in collaboration with Polytechnique Montréal and with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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