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July 22, 2021 to August 25, 2021

The festival passport allows you access to all online screenings on the festival platform. But, for in-person screenings, you'll have to purchase individual tickets!

The passport costs $75, including taxes. Note that it is only available to users residing in Canada. If you are not in Canada during the festival, you will not be able to watch the films.

- Note that it is necessary to have, or create, an account on the streaming platform in order to purchase a Passport!

I have purchased a Festival Passport. How do I access my films?
- If you already have an account on the online streaming platform (, all the films will be automatically added to your “My Library” tab a few days before the festival begins. Obviously, you won't be able to watch anything until the official start of the festival, August 5th.

- If you do not have an account on the streaming platform, or if it was created under a different email address than you used to purchase your Passport, you will receive an email prompting you to create a new account. The films will be added to your “My Library” once the account is created and confirmed.