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August 12, 2021 | 22 H

A drag show featuring some of Montreal's most powerful witches. Who will be the next supreme?

Cast your circle and summon your demons! Coven is here to set you free from the bindings of the patriarchy. Join us as we hex our enemies and reclaim what is ours!

COVEN is a monthly drag show featuring the most powerful witches, shapeshifters and ghouls in all of the land. BE WARNED… this show is not for the faint of heart. Glamourours, horrific, campy, punk-rock and always powerful, COVEN is taking you on a journey. Discover the power deep within and unleash your will upon the world.

Produced by House of Gahd and hosted by Selma Gahd, this show is a space for alternative Drag. We strive to provide a safer space for all of our performers and patrons. COVEN does contain shocking content and trigger warnings are always given at the top of the show. A member of our team is available to provide you with the details required to avoid or manage said triggers. This show is NOT recommended for young children as it does explore darker themes such as death and can contain some visual effects such as blood. Please be assured that all that is shown is done with glamour and illusion for entertainment purposes. Let’s celebrate our queerdos and weirdos!