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August 11, 2021 | 20 H

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A radio show featuring personalities and people of diverse sexual orientations.

First, they discuss the plurality of gender affirmations, the impact of COVID-19 in our communities particularly affected by the pandemic and single elderly people who suffered even more severe isolation. A survey conducted on behalf of Egale Canada demonstrates this. For example, many people in our communities who are already in a situation of exclusion have felt doubly excluded by the confinement. Our communities also have a large proportion of single people who have not had the right to meet partners and have also experienced difficult isolation. Access to health care, especially for people living with HIV or trans people who require treatment for their situation. Government policies were primarily family-centered, even classic heterosexual families, and they forgot about our families. Mental health spending is already very insufficient according to experts and has been slightly increased for the pandemic. But it was not enough. And what about jobs and our traders? Our communities have many precarious workers, employees of bars, restaurants, shops, artists, etc. Our businesses have suffered greatly as well.

Second, we talk about the resilience of our communities, how were they organized and what have we learned from the pandemic? Thirdly, what is the way to get out of it?

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